Day 352 – the end of the English Christmas weekend

Sunday 18th December 2011.

Unfortunately all good things have to come to an end, but just before we left Janine and Charles and headed for the Eurotunnel, we had to fit in two last Brit traditions……. the Sunday papers with breakfast (while I finally finished my Christmas cards woo hoo!)

around the kitchen table with the Sunday papers

concentration on a key headline

not sure if Hubbie was already nodding off again

and of course, a Pub lunch!!

Janine and Charles

the christmas moustache

super kisses!

THE ribs!

and THE ribs, post boys hunger!

THE dessert - sticky toffee pudding!

YUM! and I finished off the boys portions!!

uh oh time to go......


BIG thanks and Christmas kisses to Janine, Charles and George, who made this weekend possible…..

looking forward to many more parties in France in 2012! x x x


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