Day 353 – Girls Night Out in Dusseldorf

Monday 19th December 2011.

As I’m sure you realise (even if you read this on a not-so-regular basis!), I spend an awful lot of time in my car, driving to and from Dusseldorf.  In the last couple of weeks, as the days have been dark, cold and the Belgian weather not so nice, I have taken to staying over in a hotel room to combine days and therefore avoid the drive and gain some sleep.  Staying over means a night in the NH hotel, with my laptop and a glass of wine, chilling, blogging and internet surfing/shopping!

Tonight therefore was a loveley treat, as both Lieve and our ‘next door neighbour in the corridor’, Sylvie (who lives half her life in Dusseldorf and half in Brussels, with weekends in France! phew!), were also staying over.  Of course, it’s nearly Christmas (plus we need very few excuses) so we planned a Girls Night Out.

That was challenge no.1.  As a Girls Night Out cannot consist of German food, and on a Monday night, Lieve was struggling to find anything trendy open.  We were saved by a colleague’s recommendation to try a Thai resataurant (well done Lisa!), and so off we taxi’d to Sila Thai.

A super trad thai restaurant, great fun with the girls, and fab food followed.  Finally giving us hope to try a few more of these expeditions in the New Year!



the decor

our starters

cooking at the table

the main course!




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