Day 351 – the English Christmas weekend

Saturday 17th December 2011.

Starting Saturday mornings slowly is always a good idea in my book, and is particularly necessary when Janine and I have been putting our worlds to right until the wee hours!  Numerous cups of tea were consumed, a long slow warm shower, and a piece of toast and we were ready to focus on the task in hand.  Namely planning the day with military precision to ensure that the Turkey (named Bert) arrived on the table before Thila went to sleep.  A few longballs were thrown in on top to make it more of a challenge.  The kids wanted to go Bowling (responsibility of the Dad’s), and do a bit of Christmas window shopping for games and toys.  I wanted to do a Waitrose and M&S shop for food and new knickers! and Janine needed to add a few more essentials to the day!

Off we went.  First stop was Waitrose for the girls.  Ok I got sidetracked by this car in the carpark…..

Christmas deco for your car!

but it got worse.  I don’t think Janine has ever spent so much time browsing in a supermarket and was superbly impressed by how long I could spend drooling over stuff I just can’t quite get at home in Brussels.  However I think her patience (and she has a lot!) ran thin after I took a call in the chocolate aisle and spent 10 minutes discussing the pro’s and con’s of eating out on New Year’s Eve with Anastasia!

Next stop was M&S, where I was slightly better behaved (and got my car washed for a tenner, what a bargain!), apart from disappearing from the cashdesk to search out some biscuits and cakes!

By the time we nipped into Tesco’s, I was on a tight leash.  Straight to the chemist counter said Janine, while she went off in search of a present for George.  I was sheepishly caught hanging around the dvd counter 10 minutes later! oops! but did manage to stock up on some vitamin C with zinc supplements that are all the rage to beat colds and flu in the UK.

I was almost finished, but first it was back home to check on Bert.  Then a walk to the local stores to buy stamps (they’d sold out so Janine will take care of the christmas posting this week) and the local butcher to buy some fabulous Biltong (a south african version of beef jerky!).

Then I was ready to relax and chill, and take part in the Hawkins fabulous feast!!  I think I’m still stuffed to be honest!!

the christmas tree

thila with the christmas tree

inigo with the singing reindeer!

thila with the dancing christmas tree!

the party animals!

the dining room

the second christmas tree - impressive!

salmon starters

my adorable two!

george with his nose clip

charles in the party mood

the boys!

carving bert!

hanging out

more hanging out

lighting the pud

pud alight

mmm chocolate log

post dinner sofa activity

the film was way cool

but Hubbie went zzzzzz (and thila was long gone!)


2 Responses to “Day 351 – the English Christmas weekend”
  1. Henny says:

    S. really looks like royalty on that photo!

    Love, Henny

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