Day 352 – the end of the English Christmas weekend

Sunday 18th December 2011. Unfortunately all good things have to come to an end, but just before we left Janine and Charles and headed for the Eurotunnel, we had to fit in two last Brit traditions……. the Sunday papers with breakfast (while I finally finished my Christmas cards woo hoo!) and of course, a Pub … Continue reading

Day 350 – the start of our English Christmas weekend

Friday 16th December 2011. This is our UK version of Christmas.  We are on our way to the Hawkins House to enjoy a chill out weekend with Christmas Dinner served on Saturday night, after a day of last minute shopping, and fingers crossed that all my internet parcels have arrived! Via the Eurotunnel, and a … Continue reading

Day 161 – I feel like I’m drowning slowly in the tunnel….

My daughter’s allergic to reading, except for Beano’s and the contents of sweetie packets. She is currently sat in the back of the car, as we go under the channel tunnel, trying to avoid at all costs opening anything that resembles a book.  She reads the adverts, the contents of her drink bottle, and finally … Continue reading