Day 274 – oops upset the neighbours……

The warm weather continues with 29 degrees today, so at one point we crash on the terrace with a very cold bottle of wine and some friends.

It seemed a good idea at the time, to cut the neighbours bushes back that overhang and block our light (after all it is autumn, the light is low, and they have done zero maintainance all summer on the manky plants!).  Added to this, the grass and bushes are actually illegal, according to the commune, as they overlook our terrace and back of the house including our kitchen.  They and the previous owner have been warned, we agree to let it be, as long as they don’t party out there and maintain the plants at a very low level.


Neighbour not happy, neighbour shouting abuse in french, and threatening to throw our rubbish which is 2cm too far in front of his house on a tuesday night, over our back garden.

Mmmm!  Tempers and temperatures a little too high. let’s hope normal service and weather is resumed soon!

Oh and ps.  the rest of my neighbours are fab!!


sketch thanks to Sunny weather can double effectiveness of seasonal marketing – Marketing News | UTalkMarketing.

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