Day 274 – oops upset the neighbours……

The warm weather continues with 29 degrees today, so at one point we crash on the terrace with a very cold bottle of wine and some friends. It seemed a good idea at the time, to cut the neighbours bushes back that overhang and block our light (after all it is autumn, the light is … Continue reading

Day 227 – A Scorcher of a Day, and it’s time for Home….

Life can be so unfair, and cause very short nights! Yes the sun was scorching, so we super cleaned the house and were ready to roll at 11am….. To the beach! So much for my willpower to avoid the late night drive through France and Belgium. The kids pleading for one last trip to the … Continue reading

Day 207 – Mum and Dad arrive, along with the…..

SUNSHINE!! Not sure if they really brought it from Cornwall, due to the fact that the iPhone has consistently shown Penzance to be 3 degree’s cooler than us. (Yes I spend a lot of time checking out that no-one, apart from Sharon and Max in Majorca, and Richard and Sabine in NYC, have better weather … Continue reading

Day 202 – my Sunshine!

The day has brightened up to the extent that we managed to BBQ at lunch, chill all afternoon on the terrace, swim and do aperitifs with Rog and Carol….. PERFECT! It’s now 9pm and the sun is starting to sink.  Here’s to hopefully another bright day tomorrow…….with my sunshine!

Day 64 – Saturday at the coast

Do you change your mind on a regular basis?  I’m not sure which camp I fall into, as I can be stubborn as hell on the one hand, and very accomodating on the other.  But I am often swayed by a spur of the moment decision (or to be more precise, the promise of good … Continue reading

Day 61 – Broken Bones

Some days are just so unpredictable you don’t know where to start, or how they’ll end. This morning, after another short and restless sleep (a combination of too much to do late last night, and my insane desire to finish the latest book my head is stuck in), I dragged myself out of bed with … Continue reading