Day 274 – oops upset the neighbours……

The warm weather continues with 29 degrees today, so at one point we crash on the terrace with a very cold bottle of wine and some friends. It seemed a good idea at the time, to cut the neighbours bushes back that overhang and block our light (after all it is autumn, the light is … Continue reading

Day 186 – Chilling with the chickens (and the cat!)

This has become our arrival home after ‘work/school/stage’ routine…… hanging out in the garden with the chickens (and our cat), made even better by the fact that the hens seem to lay all day, so we’re always surprised by a new egg somewhere in the coop!  

Diet Day 31 – It feels like Spring!

Yesterday, I was amazed to look out of the kitchen window and see a bright blue sky at 5pm at night.  After the snow days and grey days of the last 2 months (and the doom and gloom of the last week), it is a wonderful feeling to think Spring may be just around the … Continue reading