Day 273 – the car trouble continues…..

My car drama continued with the company pool car on Friday.  Never a good day to head towards Dusseldorf, as it was a way too early start, that resulted in an oil warning as I crossed the border into Germany.  After a long day of meetings, I headed for the border back into NL and filled up the oil sump and checked the coolant.  10 kms later the temperature shot up and lovely warning in German, that I think translated into ‘we will shoot you if you drive any further’, made me pull over and consider what to do next.  Turning the engine back on 15 minutes later, I ended up driving at below 80kms an hour, and stopping every 15 minutes for a cool down (for both me and the car, as the airco had to be turned off, and it was 29 degs!!).  I finally made it back to Brussels and returned the car to the office at nearly 8pm at night (2 hour later than planned).  No only had I lost kilo’s sweating behind the wheel, I had also suffered incredible abuse at the hands of lorry drivers, running up my backside, and women (yes women!) screaming out of car windows as I was driving so slowly!!

Unbelievable, scary, and something I don’t want to ever repeat…….. I shall be sticking to my own car in future, which is back from the garage and shiny and new!  But somehow not looking forward to the next trip back there!

Great image thanks to Flickr: tashenka’s Photostream.


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