Day 296 – Sleepy Sunday, I wish!!

Witches do not like to get up early on a Sunday, especially after a lot of witches brew the night before!  But this morning my beauty sleep (and I needed it as I was definitely a particularly attractive shade of green and white, ie smudged make-up) was disturbed by the sound of sanding from the … Continue reading

Day 274 – oops upset the neighbours……

The warm weather continues with 29 degrees today, so at one point we crash on the terrace with a very cold bottle of wine and some friends. It seemed a good idea at the time, to cut the neighbours bushes back that overhang and block our light (after all it is autumn, the light is … Continue reading

Day 268 – safe on the street, Sunday….

Our street closed today for it’s autumn party.  Kids can cycle and skate all day (and jump on the bouncy castle for hours -> I don’t know where they get their energy from!).  Adults can chill and chat, enjoy shared wine and food, and generally gossip with their neighbours.  And we can all shout at … Continue reading

Day 117 – BFF’s with the next door neighbours! – celebrated with stir-fried salt and pepper squid….

I have quietly simmered away for the last 6 months.  We arrived here in October (to be more precise, at Halloween) to discover our french next door neighbours had erected yet another shed in their back yard, this time over 2 foot higher than our fence and painted a hideous blue and white with a … Continue reading