Day 231 – TGI it’s nearly Saturday…..

Boy was it one of those days today.  Luckily I had 3 perfect boys staying over last night, as I have to say the thought of a 2 year old in a cot next to our bed, was bringing me out in a cold sweat……. it has been a while, but luckily our daughter was thrilled to be in charge, and she did nappy changes, dressed him and even read to him in bed.  It worked a treat, as normally Eliot I am assured by Jules is an early riser (another fear of mine) and he didn’t stir til our daughter turned up at his bedside to wake him up. (and the smile was unbelievable!)

After the horror of the night before (at Pukkelpop where 5 young people lost their lives), it was lovely to see Pieter return safely from his evening helping out there, to pick up the boys and take care of my guys.

The day continued however, in a very frustrating vein……. I spent 1.5 hours trying to get off the Brussels ring to go to NL (with still 2.5 hours to travel and hideous road reports I gave up by 9.30), and this was followed by the great Belgian ability to cock up big time (yes I mean Electrabel and Sibelga this time, but there are plenty of others to add to the list), to cut one of our tenants electricity to the minimum, without notice and after we had proved that the bill had been paid!!

A lot of phone calls went on, and on, and on.  Then I hit on the bright idea of googling the emergency numbers for a gas leak (after all, they post those in english on the internet!).  Bingo, you finally get to speak to somebody in Belgium (and not India! or stroppy Belgian cow who just wants to go home) in English, who is very helpful.  BTW I am talking Sibelga here (helpful man), not Electrabel…….(stroppy cow)

At 8.30pm at night, my girls night out now cancelled (due to Hubbie delays and the nice man from Sibelga coming around), but at least all was restored.  Phew!  I’ve heard stories in this country of weeks if not months, so somewhere, somehow, we must finally be getting the hang of living here!! (and Good luck to the rest of the Expats…..this has taken 13 years!!)

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