Day 230 – In the footsteps of the Parents…..

I am posting this recollection to remind me in the long dark winter, when my kids are in one of their long dark bored and ‘I’m not doing that’ moods, that at times they can be helpful, useful and very co-operative.  The trouble with kids is you cannot predict where, when and how!!

Today, I needed to take them to a store and into the office for a few hours (normally a moment you dread with the summer holiday child care in the last week now very thin on the ground!).  First off, we needed to check out the 1841 collection in C&A Rue Neuve.  The kids were happy to select the best merchandise, tidy it up a bit, and even spot and correct the display (as the numbers displayed 1814!).  BTW, It’s a great range of denims for kids and adults, celebrating our 17o years in fashion retailing! (my daughter loved the jeans so much we ended up buying 2 pairs!)

Then after a quick tour of the windows of the competition, we headed for the office.  Where to my surprise, the guys offered to help out with whatever we needed to do, and actually had great fun dressing our Mannekins in the HO entrance in our Back To School merchandise! May’be they’ve got the retail bug from their parents??





And this was the final result, complete with real live Mannekins!!

You can check out the 1841 denim range on

C&A Denim: Our looks.

or visit Rue Neuve or Antwerp (and most other major cities in Europe) before it all sells out!!


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