Day 232 – One of those (Satur)days……

Our Saturday started with an urge to clean -> funny this is the second time in a month here (it’s normal behaviour in France, but I rely on a cleaner here in Brussels).  Must be indicative of the fact I am not totally happy with what and how she is doing it.  I decided on the bedroom today, as I wanted a haven of peace and tranquility, instead of the piles of stuff lurking in the corners.  3 hours later I realised cleaners don’t really clean, they just move stuff around!  And I am now the proud owner of a shiny clean bedroom that smells delicious (thanks to a new Cowshed ‘Horny Cow’ candle), enough said!

Unfortunately plans for a BBQ with friends tonight had to be shelved.  Tim is in hospital, and we are all wishing him the very best for a speedy recover, and wishing Yvonne the strength to cope in the short term. That means we will be eating a lot of meat tonight!

Early afternoon, I took a well earned break snoozing in the sun, instead of continuing my cleaning frenzy upstairs. And started my reading again, having discovered 5 half read books during my tidy up.

At the moment I am focusing on ‘Green is the new Black’ by Tamsin Blanchard.  A great ‘go ethical’ fashion book, that I started to read a few years back and lost down the side of the bed!  Still relevant, though probably in need of an update.  It’s getting me further into a slow fashion mood for the Autumn (and the need to recycle and re-use of course).  Very relavant in my current mood, is that in order to prolong the life of your clothes, you should clean the cupboards out thoroughly once a season.  Crikes! I’d need a week to delve into the depths of mine…… that won’t be happening anytime soon, until I find a new and super duper efficient cleaner (I keep on dreaming………)


Book Review: Green is the New Black : TreeHugger.





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