Day 212 – the real last day of the holiday, but stretched just a little bit longer…..

Today was the day we had to face reality and head for home.  Luckily the morning was foggy so the house cleaning was executed in extra fast time, on the off-chance the sun would come out before lunch.  This time, luck was on our side, and as the last floor was mopped, the bright yellow ball appeared.

Hubbie’s cousin Frans, Annemarie, and the boys arrived just before 12 noon, and we were able to organise a welcome BBQ for them, combined with a goodbye one for us.

Of course, the desire to jump in the car had worn off post lunch, so we packed up, promised to pick the cat up before we left! and headed for the beach.  One last swim to the bouys for me, one last play in the sand and kayak for the kids, one last lie on the beach and fall asleep for Hubbie!

My parents sipped cocktails at the Beach bar, so all were happy!

After our last round of farewells to our friends, we headed back to say goodbye to the Frans, Annemarie, and the boys, and to collect the cat for the long journey home.  9 hours later (3am Brussels time) we were back, tucked up in bed, and trying not to think of the early dawn call and return to work.

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