Day 213 – adjusting back to life in Brussels……

After 6 hours sleep on the camp bed in our sons room (our bedroom is the Grandparents domain for the next 10 days!), it was time to get up and face reality……… 371 work emails to clear and action ;(

That’s the dreaded part of the holiday return (along with the unpacking and washing, and the pile of bills that await your arrival home!)

The morning was interspersed with strong coffee on  a regular basis, while the rest of the house slept on, I cleared my inbox.

Then in to the office, in record time (the only plus point of Brussels in August -> no Traffic!!), as the sun shone on.

A quick scan of the weather in Concarneau showed a lovely sunny day too, must remember to stop looking at it every 30 minutes, and focus on other areas of the world where it is colder and wet.   Melbourne, Australia is working  quite well for me at the moment (sorry Scott Ruth and Evie!! but after all it is your winter now!).  Life had moved on in the office, but not in many of my projects, so the To Do list still resembled the To Do list pre-holidays.  It feels odd, after being in jobs where you are a member of a team, but understandable when there really was no-one around to push them on with!!

Still it’ll keep me busy this week, and distract me from Janine’s sms updates of life in Concarneau!

Photo via;  Celtics’ Offseason ‘To Do’ Lists | Boston Celtics Basketball – Celtics news, rumors and analysis –

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