Day 212 – the real last day of the holiday, but stretched just a little bit longer…..

Today was the day we had to face reality and head for home.  Luckily the morning was foggy so the house cleaning was executed in extra fast time, on the off-chance the sun would come out before lunch.  This time, luck was on our side, and as the last floor was mopped, the bright yellow … Continue reading

Day 210 – BBQ in the forest, and an introduction to Rummikub

Our holidays are often interspersed, particularly in bad weather, by games of scrabble or cards (a favourite for the last year has been ‘chasing hearts’). Janine and Charles (with George) have often fallen victim for our love of games, so it was their turn to get even. Our night started with a BBQ at their … Continue reading

Day 206 – no improvement yet…….

but at least it got warmer. We had a lovely lunch at La Hune, chilled the afternoon at home, and BBQ’d (yes! warm and not wet) outside on Janine’s terrace tonight.  Lots of great food and laughter, restrained amount of alcohol, and good cheer.  Certainly needed by Hubbie, who is showing signs of sun-withdrawal.  His … Continue reading

Day 194 – a day around Concarneau, blue skies everywhere…..

After dropping the kids at sailing school this morning, I decided to get some much needed exercise on my bike. It was a beautiful morning, so I skirted around the back streets of town, with one eye on spotting new restaurants, bars and shops.  I was very happy to find an Asian traiteur, and a … Continue reading

Day 188 – When the Girls arrived…….

Not only did I manage to do the BBQ successfully, and feed 9 of us + my kids (thanks Jules for the pizza!), I even managed the tidy up before bed, and all without Hubbie!   Impressive, but I have to say. BBQ life is easier with a Man…. but without one, you don’t drink as … Continue reading

Day 134 – the Digital Detox weekend, part 1……

It started with a slight hiccup.  We headed off for a quick Moroccan meal at KifKif (as you never know what might be available in the back of beyond!) before leaving Brussels, and therefore underestimated the drive (and it’s timing) to Luxembourg.  Actually we had no idea that the route was (via our beloved TomTom) … Continue reading

Day 128 – will I ever learn?

Mother’s Day has arrived, and it is not high up on my list of favourite days of this year.  A beautiful and hot day, is stressed already as the family get on with their Sunday rituals while I prepare for a big BBQ party.  I manage a quick cycle ride to Flagey market, for the … Continue reading

Day 92 – Saturday was 25 degrees!

The temperature shot up today to 25 deg in Brussels, short lived but much welcomed.  It gave us a chance to get out in the garden and clean up, ready for the garden re-planning (although to be honest it’s never been fully realised in the 10 years+ we’ve been here). We’re battling with a very … Continue reading