Day 211 – the almost nearly last day of the holiday…….

These are the days that make it all worth while.

When I look back on the photo’s over the years in Concarneau, even before we had the Beach House (ie the caravan days which stretch from 2003 to 2007), it’s the lazy hazy days of sunshine and friends that make up all the good times.

We had by today, had 4 days of glorious sunshine…. to end off our holiday in style, and announce the arrival of more friends and family, who will continue to party there (and some to welcome us back next week, when we return for our last 5 day break of the summer!)

This is what makes our holidays…………

the terrace/the beach/ and all the friends who join us!

Always welcome…………….enjoy!

(note – Hubbie’s new addiction to Rummikub -> even in the afternoon’s!!)

and where are the kids?

yes….. high tide means they’re off to kayak and swim and dive!!

Good fun and laughter amongst the adults adds to the atmosphere……

and after an hour or so, the kids return for their supper……

while the adults hang out…..

and the sun begins to set……

so dinner is served……

with salads created by the kids…… (on their own initiative -> the first spicy coleslaw salad, the second a garlic/crouton green salad)

the adults enjoyed dinner……

oh yeah…. and where were the kids?

and of course post-dinner, where were the Big Boys?

Of course, more Rummikub!

Followed by a cool sunset and chilling time on our beloved terrace…….. while not trying to think about the final pack up tomorrow.

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