Day 360 – Boxing Day goes retro

Monday 26th December 2011.

Oh yeah! I forgot….. on top of my super original wallpaper pressie from Hubbie, I also got the camera of my dreams (well the realistically priced Lumix version to be honest, and heh in these days of austerity, we should not be wanting the version which is double the price but performs in the same way!)  So I am super happy!  I left for NL in a bit of a rush, so had to study the internet a lot to learn what to do with which button (yes we are hugely spoilt by the simplicity of the iWhatever, but good photography needs a bit of skill, mastery and practice.)  The only draw back was that at Opa’s house I had to plug into the internet via cable in his office, and spend a lot of time downloading and reading up on stuff!.  I think I was excused for my long absences reading articles and downloading stuff, and by all accounts I think the family was too busy playing cards to notice.

So here it is, my first excursion into the world of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 with a wonderful Leica lens……. of course it had to be retro!




2 Responses to “Day 360 – Boxing Day goes retro”
  1. Natalie says:

    Cameras must be the go-to gift of 2011 – I got one as well. I can’t wait to get out and start clicking away.

    • enjoy it, will link the post I’ve just done on photography on Turtlewings to the page in the next few days…… keep in touch with your photo’s too….. and here’s to a visual 2012!

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