Day 361 – a chill out night in Brussels….

Tuesday 27th December 2011.

Ok it’s not much fun going back to work so soon after the Christmas break, but there are a few advantages;

  • there is no traffic, the NL->Bxl trip took just over an hour, and the journey home after work took an astounding 20 minutes (cf nearly an hour normally!)
  • no one bothers you in the office, there is no pile up of mail, hassling phone calls, or pop in visits!
  • you can clear the email inbox quicker than new ones come in
  • there is no queue at the coffee machine
  • and the best of all, tonight I get the house to myself as the rest of the family are still in NL!!

This means that I have been home since 5.30pm, changed into my ‘blogging’ pants and sweatshirt, managed to warm up the christmas leftovers (with spare for the deluxe chickens tomorrow!), prepare the turkey stock for soup, put the rubbish out, poured a few glasses of wine, did a few posts, caught up on email, tweeted a bit, watched eastenders and holby city, cuddled the cat, and it’s only 10.30pm so still time to fit in the Christmas episode of Ab Fab!!

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