Day 359 – Christmas Day with ‘het familie’

Sunday 25th December 2011.

Christmas Day started at 8am as the kids are well trained by now (particularly if you keep them up late the night before, which needs no encouragement!).  A rather loud banging at the front of the house surprised us as we came upstairs, and we pulled back the curtains to find a guy running round on the scaffold!  I think my screaming sobered him up, and he leapt off and scuttled away after rolling his head in a rather worrying manner.  The shutters are now firmly down!

the kids patiently waiting by the tree!

joseph too!

We had a tight schedule to unwrap pressies, all were happy luckily, and my latest surprise consisted of a full wall of poster wallpaper consisting of images from our New York trip!

my new wallpaper!

Then we packed, under marching orders from Hubbie, to rendezvous with ‘het familie’ in St Kruis in NL, where Tante Trees and Om Rennie had prepared a marvellous breakfast feast before the bracing walk on the beach…..

We finished the day with Aperitifs at Tante Henny and Om Sis, and then headed back to Oma and Opa’s for a delicious cold buffet with Judith and Kitty.

A very nice and much healthier alternative to my usual English festivities!

Fijne Kerst!  Merry Christmas!

2 Responses to “Day 359 – Christmas Day with ‘het familie’”
  1. Natalie says:

    I can’t imagine anything nicer than a walk on the beach on Christmas day. What an amazing gift the wallpaper was – where will you put it?

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