Day 305 – Halloween USA

Monday 31st October – Halloween! 2011

With the power back on in Connecticut, we were all ready to celebrate Halloween, USA style!

First stop was a trawl through the shops to get inspired, buy the pumpkin sweet bag, and stock up on hundreds and thousands of gooey very sickly sweet, american candies.

Next make-up time! (and as I had carried all the gear across the Atlantic, it was definitely going to be used to full effect!)

white face first….

next the eye detail…..

and the rest of the face…..

the finished version….

Off they went, trailed in the distance by the two Dads (well I have seen enough American Halloween movies to NOT allow my kids to wander the neighbourhood on their own!), while I envisaged a nice long soak in the bath.  No chance!  The minute they left the door bell rang, and one after the other all the neighbourhood kids appeared to trick or treat.  Thanks God for the massive bowl of sweets we’d organised by the front door!

A couple of hours passed by, and I began to get a little concerned.  Phoning the Dads, I discovered they were hanging out drinking beer a a neighbours house while unknown parents had whisked my two dead dolls off to another neighbourhood for more sweeties!  Finally they returned, on a sugar high, raving about Trick or Treat and full of stories.  In true Hollywood style, it included some parents offering sweets out of the back of a van (shudder – memories of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang here!) and going into the woods to offer Dickie Johnson a peace offering of sweets (supposedly a local boy who’d disappeared into the woods never to be seen again on Halloween).  Very Spooky!!

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