Day 306 – customising your Converse….


Wednesday 2nd Nov 2011

After a serious telling off by the security guys on the bridge back into NYC (I didn’t realise that you couldn’t take photo’s – oops, security crisis only diverted by me deleting the photo’s pronto!), we headed to Soho for lunch with Ann, Peter, Jef and Nina.

Balthazar was a fab as ever, it’s a great brasserie serving brilliant moules frites.  And it was lovely to meet up with Ann, who I’ve known at work for a few years, and to meet her lovely family at last.  Good luck with your new career Ann, and let’s keep in touch closer to home!

Afterwards we headed off to the Converse store to pick up the customised canvas for the kids.


Another successful shopping day today, but Mum came home empty handed!  Still, I love the memories!


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