Day 305 – Halloween USA

Monday 31st October – Halloween! 2011 With the power back on in Connecticut, we were all ready to celebrate Halloween, USA style! First stop was a trawl through the shops to get inspired, buy the pumpkin sweet bag, and stock up on hundreds and thousands of gooey very sickly sweet, american candies. Next make-up time! … Continue reading

Day 304 – Is Dunkin’ Donuts a real shop?

quote from our Belgian kids ‘it’s in The Sims on Facebook, we didn’t realise it was real!’         shame they discovered it was!         Scary -> 490 calories per donut!!   @Donuts | Dunkin’ Donuts. interesting shopping fact today……. Jack Wills is the same price in Dollars as in Pounds … Continue reading

Day 303 – Sunny Snowy Sunday …..

with no power, but heh, who cares when you’re in a winter wonderland, in Connecticut…..       the kids relax…… Hubbie chops wood, otherwise no fire! while I wander around enjoying the landscape….       and have time to chill and play with the camera up close…. Then it was time to get … Continue reading

Day 302 – Snowtober Saturday

Are we the only people who book car hire while in the States, with an online company in Manchester, to take a car from Alamo from round the block??  World gone crazy, but a much cheaper option, and more exciting when we discovered we’d been upgraded to a Jeep….. As it turns out, thank god … Continue reading