Day 305 – Halloween USA

Monday 31st October – Halloween! 2011 With the power back on in Connecticut, we were all ready to celebrate Halloween, USA style! First stop was a trawl through the shops to get inspired, buy the pumpkin sweet bag, and stock up on hundreds and thousands of gooey very sickly sweet, american candies. Next make-up time! … Continue reading

Day 300 – New York, New York

so good they named it twice…… ….. …… …. The great thing about New York is you walk off a plane, exhausted, but so excited whether it’s you first time or your fiftieth.  The city that never sleeps, just grabs you and keeps you fighting against the overwhelming desire to curl up and snooze.  Especially … Continue reading

Day 214 – are holidays really good for you?

Holidays should be taken regularly and not for long periods of time, according to some articles re-issued in the UK national press this week.  Of course one of the main culprits is the Daily Mail (as it is silly season post Norway/Amy Winehouse, and the DM is not going to focus too much on the … Continue reading