Day 88 – Family Focus, The Rules

I think it’s about time that Hubbie and the kids get a little bit more attention from me, after the extravagance of the last weekend, and his attention to detail yesterday evening.  It started well earlier this evening. I had tidied up (the laptops were nowhere to be seen!), started to cook dinner, and unloaded the dishwasher with some help from the kids, when he arrived home.  However WW3 broke out over dinner, over the usual conversations re kids homework/reading/stuff for the week.  Negotiations were going nowhere, and everyone was getting rather heated….

Mood blown ;(

Our daughter even headed for her room, claiming that she was off to read her book in peace and quiet (which was what we were arguing about in the first place!).  The note came upstairs later.  Stop arguing, or I’m leaving….the ultimate threat.  Beautifully written, with a couple of spelling mistakes, we were told in no uncertain circumstances, stop it.  With her, with her brother and between ourselves.  Ooops!  Then as acting Head of Nato, she starts……we need rules and a contract, that we all agree and sign, and with severe financial penalties, if broken.  This is what she does best.  So at the weekend, she will draw it up for us all, and discuss it.  She’s already decided a few for me;

Don’t cooking spicy food for me, or make me eat any of your soups except the broccoli. Do not correct my spelling mistakes all the time, and be nice…..

Hers includes no sucking her thumb (already achieved) and being helpful and losing the attitude.  This is going to be interesting.  We can all do rules for each other, and the way we interact together as well.  Think I will have to spend some time on this one, and may’be even check out Lovisa’s book for some handy hints.  (His needs, her needs…building an affair proof marriage by Willard F Harley).

The Girls had spent the weekend laughing at the ridiculous list of a Mans Needs.  Unfortunately quite a few of them are not printable in Family rules, so I’ll have to focus on providing ‘Domestic Bliss’ and ‘Peace and Quiet’.  I suppose it’s a start.  I’m sure the others will follow, in the mellow glow of Happy Family Life.   Roll on, the weekend!!


2 Responses to “Day 88 – Family Focus, The Rules”
  1. Hélène says:

    Love this!

  2. Lovisa Ferngren says:

    Love the rules. Worried that someone will follow the advice from the marriage builder website..!

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