Day 89 – Sitting here all alone

This is weird, and complicated.  My whole family has disappeared off the face of the earth (may’be a reaction to last night, I ask myself?).  It’s 8.25pm and no-one is home, no-one is answering the gsm’s, and I’m wondering do I, or do I not, cook dinner?  It’s made more complicated by the fact that Hubbie and I have each others’ phones, and cars.  And that he headed out with the kids, to check out a new swim team for the kids to join.  He’s not answering my phone, or sms’s.  But this is not new in our family.  He has 2 phomes, but the capacity to leave both in a place where he will not hear, or will not answer. (actually my kids should use this as a valid excuse to get their own gsm’s, but they have not sussed this one out, and I’m not about to tell them!!)

Luckily we could resort to fish fingers and oven chips tonight, but in the meantime, I’ve eaten a whole bowl of spicy nuts and drunk two glasses of wine.  Not good for the healthy diet.  Must add this to the Family Rules list at the weekend.

The Family is not allowed to disappear off the face of the earth without informing me of dinner arrangements!

or I cook spicy food and serve soup!!

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