Day 84 – Stockholm

Great day had by all.  The sun shone, the shops were brilliant, I still needed my puffa jacket, and Lieve nearly lost hers.  Stockholm in the sunshine is perfect, it is such a beautiful city and very inspiring.  Can’t wait to write up the report, but it’ll have to wait another day as the Girls are hassling me to get moving.

Last night we finally all met up.  Glennis flew in from London, Helene from Brussels, and Lovisa skipped out of work early.  So by the time I arrived exhausted from my shopping, the Girls were in full swing at the Gondolen, a fantastic bar and restaurant that overlooks the city.  A few bottles later, we were back at Lovisa’s appartment, drinking champagne and eating the most delicious smoked prawns and swedish nibbles.  It was fantastic to catch up on all the gossip, and start some of our own! And I had a wonderful lesson from Glennis on the use of apostrophes (which she has just had to spell for me!).

More later I promise, but for now the sunshine beckons, and I still need to get dressed…………..

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