Day 83 – Live from Stockholm

There have been long chat mails via the girls this week.  Weather reports said 2 deg in Stockholm, and it was currently 18 deg in Brussels.  Whose mad idea was it to come north at the time of year, when spring is beginning in all other areas of Europe, with a friend who had only just left the southern hemisphere…. was it really just the soul intention of freezing to death (so beloved of all those Nesbo/Larssen novels from this neck of the woods).

On top of this, my dearest colleagues are all worried about my health.  Lieve made me carry a very heavy puffa jacket through Brussels airport with those beloved ‘mothering’ words ringing in my ears (you really will appreciate this later)….. and I swore a few times as I dripped in the heat.  I even made her promise that she would bring it back for me tomorrow night if I didn’t wear it.

2 hours later, as we came into land, I spotted the snow on the ground.  Ok, it might be useful I agreed.  And by the time we walked into the airport hanger, she was right.  I was wearing it.

On a much more positive note, our first experience here has been made very special, by one very special man.  He wanted us to have a great start to the weekend.  And in his own way, he organised the hotel, the upgrade, the champagne and the fruit bowl.  Dean, we love you!

Unfortunately my relatively new colleague Lieve, now thinks this is the way Lizzi travels all the time….. so you might have to create the sparkle in a few more destinations this year!!  and all this for less than the price of a Ibis room -> huge challenge darling!

Anyhow, Lovisa, Lieve and myself have just had a super evening chilling in the room, eating in the bar, and for once the cold and the goodies on offer have kept us within the hotels’ four walls.  Not bad, pretty good!

So now as we tuck ourselves up for bed, we wish you all a great good night, and lesson learnt…… never underestimate the cold climate of the north……..or the warmth of the friendships that might be waiting there for you.




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