Day 87 – Doing a Dean….

I must go away on a girls weekend again soon.  First night back in Brussels, and a couple of my girlfriends are coming over for a chill on the sofa and a chat.  My Hubbie has tidied up (ie the dining room table looks like a dining room table and not an office/homework disaster zone).  … Continue reading

Day 86 – Exhibited… A certain fondness for peculiar animals

Glennis has always been a good friend….. with a penchance for peculiar animals, we discovered this weekend.   Enjoy the photo’s!   Proof that we enjoyed ourselves, shopped, walked a lot and did a little culture (honestly, the camera battery ran out at that point!) ……….  from good friends together at last, who are already planning … Continue reading

Day 84 – Stockholm

Great day had by all.  The sun shone, the shops were brilliant, I still needed my puffa jacket, and Lieve nearly lost hers.  Stockholm in the sunshine is perfect, it is such a beautiful city and very inspiring.  Can’t wait to write up the report, but it’ll have to wait another day as the Girls … Continue reading