Day 85 – Stockholm chic

Drastic measures have to be taken in a country where the sun shines but it’s still bloody freezing. But at the same time, it is not possible to lose ones fashion focus at a time like this.  I froze as we trooped around the beautiful old city today, so much so that at one point even my camera gave up the ghost and called it a day.  Warming up in the church (and in numerous touristy shops) didn’t make a blind bit of difference.  As the nice man in the camera shop explained, 4 years is the lifespan of a digital camera. (What?!!)  Distraught at the thought of the rest of the weekend without a lens, I contemplated buying a new one.  Helene saved the day, and my bank balance, by jumping in and lending me hers.

I really didn’t want to suffer the same fate as my camera in this cold climate. So I decided that a little more clothing on top of my super warm puffa jacket (big thanks Lieve – I wore it all day today!) might be more appropriate.  Hence my super popular purchase of THE fashion statement of Stockholm, a woolly hat with a foxy pom pom.  It was so popular that the girls took turns in wearing it while we sipped tea in a feable attempt to warm up.



What a wonderful design inspiring country this is, as not only do they make the woolly hat look super cool, they even manage to do Tourist tat with style.  All their touristy shops have beautifully designed products, that you just have to take home.  Featuring moose, scandi horses and butter knives (yes Glennis has added this to her list of lovely breakfast products from all over the world), nothing is tacky.  So it was as much a joy to shop in this area as the trendy shops in the main centre.  Shame when the credit card hit the same end as the camera………Bye Bye shopping, time to go home for a glass of champagne!


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