(Diet) Day 35 – The Soup Swop!!

Last night was the night! The first ever Brussels Soup Swop (as we know it!)….  5 great friends arrived after stressful preparation of sorts, and presented their products.

Lots of thanks to Jules (Creamy Broccoli Soup from Griswold, Iowa), Helen (Spiced Lentil and Coconut Soup, her first ever!), Florence (Carrot and Fennel Soup with Codfish and Dill), Sjef (Sjef’s Favourite Pumpkin Soup), and Karin (a late entry from the Bio range at Carrefour!!)

My contribution was Broccoli and Gorgonzola Soup, and one portion of my Carrot and Coriander Soup, the latter included due to a shortage of the former!

In addition, our ‘just returned from Aus’ Dutch friends, Helene and Emile, joined the festivities sans soup, and Pieter made a late appearance, with his cartons of ‘8 Groenten weelde’ Soup, purchased from a night shop on the way back from a party!

We kicked off with nibbles and wine (of course), lots of gossip, and then settled into the swopping.  We each first had to ‘sell’ our soup. Tell our soup story, the how and why, the pain and the glory, and convince everyone why they should pick our soup first.  Jules succeeded in that, with her home recipe, and tales of the farm where she grew up.  Sjef, who had won first choice in the lottery, selected her soup.  She won a jumbo sized box of croutons.  Helen also spun a good tale, convincing everyone of her undiscovered kitchen expertise, as this was really her first ever homemade soup.  She was the first to have all her soups selected.  Florence made our mouths water with her description of her Soup, and the fact that the family had already eaten tons of it, due to a miscalculation on her part.  Karin told a sob story of her total lack of cooking skills, and why she ended up at Carrefour (and was let off the hook due to the fact the soup was at least bio).  And I told my story of 5 attempts at soup making in 5 days (including sabotaging Sjef’s first soup with broken glass).  I won the wooden spoons for the last soup chosen….. (so unfair)

Anyway it was a great evening, lots of laughs and fun, and some inspiring ideas for the next round of ‘Swops’.  Suffice to say the person  who suggested the husband swop next time, will remain anonymous……….


Soup Swop recipes will follow soon………

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