(Diet) Day 34 – The night before the Soup Swop…..

Suddenly the Brussels Soup Swop has crept up on us all.  Tomorrow, or as I sit here at 1.15am, actually today, has arrived rather quicker than we thought.  That means in certain kitchens in Brussels tonight, there has been a mild case of panic, sometimes bordering on histeria, creeping into family life.  Yes, we really had to prepare 4 litres of our favourite soup.  Most of us already had a creative evening planned at Turtlewings.  So the first part of our meeting there focused on the fact that we still had to go home and cook soup tonight, or fit it into mad routines tomorrow.  It was rather ironic as our theme for this evening, and the rest of the year at Turtlewings Common, is Slow Life!

I returned home to calm and tranquility.  My Hubbie had managed the Jaimie Oliver recipe I had shopped and quickly explained before I left.  It tasted divine.  So I moved it over to the side counter to start preparing mine.  Big Mistake.  Two minutes later, reaching for a jug that should never have been that high up in that particular cupboard (hence I only take half the blame!), a pyrex measuring jug smashed all over the beautiful soup.  Uh Oh!  Back to square one again.  This was for the second time, as I’d already ditched one pot of soup as bland and tasteless.  Now real and not mild panic was setting in…….

Luckily Hubbie saved the day, while I prepared my Cream of Broccoli and Gorganzola soup, he produced the most wonderfully graphic labels and menu cards.  I think he is still up there playing on the design as I sit here typing.  The good news is, my soup is done and tastes delish.  The bad news (there had to be more) is that I am now cooking a second batch of carrot and coriander as I was one litre short.  Still I’m almost finished for today, whereas Hubbie is back to the supermarket first thing tomorrow, to recreate his ruined soup.  I can’t wait, as I have to admit, it did taste very delicious indeed…..

2 Responses to “(Diet) Day 34 – The night before the Soup Swop…..”
  1. tovoorjou says:

    No recipes this time? Your story makes me curious!

    Grts, Henny

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