Lizzi is going ‘Clean’

After the overindulgence of Christmas and New Year, the build up of the kilo’s over the last 12 months, and a general sluggishness in my mood and appearance, it’s time to tackle the overload on my mind and body.

2 days to go…….. first finish all the goodies in the house, smoke and drink myself to death, and then wake up on New Year’s day to a bright new dawn, without all the prop’s I use to keep my mood light and lifted.  Well that’s the plan.  First I need my book back (lent to Isis who hardly needs to lose a gram), ween myself off the dreaded fags (Dad leaves on Sunday so my secret fag partner in the garden late at night will no longer provide the excuse), and ditch the booze down the drain (did I really say that!!!).  Then prep the family for a week of Hell, as I drag myself through all the withdrawal symptons that come with this, combined with the lack of caffeine.  Sounds awful.

So my plan is, make this as public as possible and I stand a chance.  Post the pain and may’be someone will share it with me.  Let’s see……..

In the meantime, it’s nearly lunch, so better start pigging  out for the last 48 hrs, and wish me luck for Saturday.

Clean Program – Dr Alejandro Junger MD – 21 Day Detox Program.

2 Responses to “Lizzi is going ‘Clean’”
  1. Henny says:

    If all is to difficult, go outside and get some fresh air… This always works for me.
    Good luck with your New Years plans.


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