cheesy roasted root pie

Tonight the flurry of snow started again in Brussels, just as the last of the weekends snowstorm had melted in the garden, we were blessed with more blasting cold air and wintery weather.  Luckily I had postponed my planned ‘making of’ this wonderful winter pie until tonight, as the bad weather combined with my under the weather health has stopped me from visiting Flagey market on Sunday.  Yesterday at Chatelein, I bought the final ingredients, and after a day fighting off the start of a migraine, I felt well enough to tackle the recipe.

And boy was it worth it! Teen angst moaned about the lack of meat, Hubbie put a forced smile on his face, and darling daughter sniffed her way through having to even think about eating. But by the time the meal hit the table, and their tastebuds, they were hooked.  Ok – apart from darling daughter who insisted on picking out the parsnips, but at least she forgot that she didn’t like cooked carrots and wolfed those up along with the turnip and sweet potato.  The joy of this recipe is that you can select any mix of root veg, roast it, make a mustard cheese sauce and cover it with ready made pastry – what could be easier?

Well here are the photo’s to prove the loveliness, and the link to Louisa’s fab recipe!!

Enjoy!  let it snow, let it snow, let it snow……….


firstly enlist a helper……. cooking is much more fun this way!


combine the roasted veg and cheesy sauce in a cute pie dish…..


bake and serve with love


and buttery mashed potato…….



click here for the recipe,

A Winter Roasted Roots and Gruyere Pie! | Chez Foti.

Thanks Louisa!



2 Responses to “cheesy roasted root pie”
  1. catterel says:

    Thank you for the link to my blog! This looks scrumptious – I have another root veg recipe that was a huge success with the family at

  2. Chez Foti says:

    Oh I’m so glad you all liked it, it’s been a huge hit of a pie with all my family and friends…and even the most ardent of meat eaters seem to really enjoy it which has got to be good! Love your Le Creuset pie dish…and your gorgeous cat. Thanks so much for blogging my recipe! Louisa

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