cheesy roasted root pie

Tonight the flurry of snow started again in Brussels, just as the last of the weekends snowstorm had melted in the garden, we were blessed with more blasting cold air and wintery weather.  Luckily I had postponed my planned ‘making of’ this wonderful winter pie until tonight, as the bad weather combined with my under … Continue reading

Day 291 – Soup ‘n cookies……

I know it sounds like a very strange combo, but last nights supper was this hugely yummy soup with garlic bread (an absolute must in this house if you have a day or two old baguette hanging around), followed by Hubbie and I cooking cookies after bedtime for packed lunch boxes today. True love! ….. … Continue reading

Day 102 – Shepherd’s Pie with Parsnip and Potato Mash

Although Summer (ok, the reality is Spring, but I like to dream!), has officially arrived, the weather (and the veg delivery boxes) don’t always remain consistent in their content.  So today was 10 degrees, and I had parsnips in my fridge left over from my delivery last week.  In this weather, I don’t feel like … Continue reading