50 (things to do) before 50……..

This has been keeping me busy since my uneventful 49th……. and is in no particular order of importance.  It’s just a list helping me highlight what I would like to achieve in the coming year, and hopefully to give me some focus in the 308 days to go.

Here’s to celebrating it all on the 20th April 2014!!

1.  Swim 25m fly

2.  Lose 10 kgs in weight

3.  Live life in the present, stop analysing the past and worrying about the future

4.  Improve my swim strokes

5.  Read 50 books of mixed genres

6.  Learn how to use my DSLR camera properly

7.  Sleep on a boat

8.  Stay in a tree house

9.  Cook a baked alaska (as well as my Mums)

10.  Plant our garden

11.  Banish packing boxes from the house

12.  Spend some time in Cornwall with the family

13.  Cycle to Kerleven (up an awful lot of hills!)

14.  Keep more up to date with my blog

15.  Walk regularly

16.  Eat a healthy breakfast

17.  Wine – decrease the quantity and increase the quality

18.  Do Disney in one day (ha ha!)

19.  See historic Savannah

20. Write a real letter, and post it

21.  Phone home more regularly

22.  Have some ‘Me time’ each week

23.  Create a cookbook

24.  Design something

25.  Have monthly reflexology and massages to ease away the strain

26.  Hit the coast once a month – my little bit of heaven

27.  Use more public transport (I have my Mobib card! and an Oyster!)

28.  Sell stuff we don’t need, to let us do things we dream about

29.  Cuddle the kids on a daily basis

30.  Hug Hubbie (a lot – he deserves it!)

31.  Finish that scarf…..

32.  Knit an iphone cover

33.  Paint a picture

34.  Have a romantic weekend with Hubbie

35.  Re-vitalise my wardrobe, cheap and chic

36.  Dream about the next 10 years

37.  Plan my vagabonding trip

38.  and work out how to fund it!

39.  Spend a week alone at the Beach House

40.  Eat more fruit

41.  Do another girls weekend

42.  Admit I’m growing up

43.  Play music very very loud….. and ignore the kids complaining (ok may’be I’m not growing up that well!)

44.  Finish the wedding photo album

45.  Learn to process digital photo’s

46.  Declutter

47.  Buy a record player and play all my old albums (loudly of course!)

48.  Ski with dignity (who cares about the number of tea breaks I take!)

49.  Smile more, Scream less…….

50.  and Enjoy lots of other 50th birthday parties before mine!!


oh and of course…….. write less TO DO lists!!


2 Responses to “50 (things to do) before 50……..”
  1. Chez Foti says:

    What a fabulous list….with plenty of amazing things to do this year. You’re certainly not going to get bored! I think I might just do my own ….40 things to do before I’m 40! Bit on an avid TO DO list writer too (hanging head in shame). Go for it Girl! xx

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