Day 318 – Happy Monday no.7

Monday 14th November 2011

I know, I have drifted off the ‘happy’ Monday approach to my blog -> lead astray by travel/shopping/holidays (which of course induce a temporary state of happiness, but not long lasting when you see the credit card bill!), so it’s time to come back and finish the series…….


Find ways to bounce back

(how to stand up against the storm….)


All of us have times of stress, loss, failure or trauma in our lives. But how we respond to these has a big impact on our wellbeing.

We often cannot choose what happens to us, but in principle we can choose our own attitude to what happens. In practice it’s not always easy, but one of the most exciting findings from recent research is that resilience, like many other life skills, can be learned.

Resilience comes from the latin word resilio, which means ‘to bounce back’.  I like the metaphor that it means to bend rather than to break, in others words when life throws those lovely hand grenades, you move in an intuitive driection to avoid them.  And when they sometimes hit home, you adapt, adopt, and move on, having learnt a lesson along the way.

It’s something that we learn about as both a child and an adult, and interesting that it is influenced by our external relationships with others, or by having Faith, and by internal factors like how we interpret events, manage our emotions and regulate our behaviour.

People play an important part.  Communicating and socialising, keeps us sane, as highlighted in the following video;



On top, finding your own way of coping, when adversity happens, also comes from a strength build ‘within’.

So keep remembering, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

Happy Monday!



One Response to “Day 318 – Happy Monday no.7”
  1. That’s what we need resilience! Does it come in a can or in a bag ?Let’s get stacks of it xxx

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