Day 319 – Inspiration from Anthropologie

Tuesday 15th November 2011.

I ♥ Anthropologie VM for their wonderful, easy to adapt displays…….. so inspirational -> I’m dreaming of Christmas already!

(and I’m loving the homespun knitted theme this year -> must get that scarf finished for Christmas!)


light walls

pencil box with books

wall coverings

love the photo print cushions and cabinet displays!

lighting ideas

Merry Christmas!

wall display

love the colours!


knit entwined wood displays

an alternative christmas tree

christmas garland

knit and tassle curtains

how to knit christmas, display

knitted branches

vintage fabric signage


3 Responses to “Day 319 – Inspiration from Anthropologie”
  1. Sooooooo Anthropologie VM – By far the most inspirational. xxx

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