Day 193 – Invasion of the Ladybirds!

Yes really, Concarneau is suffering from an invasion of Ladybirds.  Supposedly these are the naughty North American kind, that invaded a few years back and are wiping out our cuddly cosy local variety.  How can you tell the difference?  The N. American version are orange and our original ladybirds are red -> easy!

They are swarming all over us here, landing in your hair, your cleavage and sneaking into the house.  To take my mind of this invasion, I decided my garden needed a bit of a green touch (to conteract the orange and red ha ha!), and so we headed off to Magasin Vert.  We checked out the plant section only to find that  a. I already had it, or b. I had already killed it, so we decided to go for some food additions to the garden.  We settled for some basil and parsley to add to the herb garden, and then bought some tomatoes, courgettes and strawberries, plus a super recycled new plant pot!

Now I have to keep fingers crossed that ladybirds don’t eat this stuff (supposedly only aphids on the plants!), and that it grows super quick so that we can eat some before we have to leave at the end of the month!



One Response to “Day 193 – Invasion of the Ladybirds!”
  1. Henny says:

    At our place I find nothing but dead ladybird larvae… whereas I really do need some ladybirds with all the roses!

    Love, Henny

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