Day 194 – a day around Concarneau, blue skies everywhere…..

After dropping the kids at sailing school this morning, I decided to get some much needed exercise on my bike.

It was a beautiful morning, so I skirted around the back streets of town, with one eye on spotting new restaurants, bars and shops.  I was very happy to find an Asian traiteur, and a new art atelier for the kids.  I also headed out to the working harbour, and spent some time taking photo’s.

At lunchtime we decided to head for Les Boucaniers at Kerleven, and then spent the afternoon snoozing and swimming on the beach.

Followed by an evening BBQ on the terrace, a perfect end to the day, before the Bastille Day fireworks tonight!!


One Response to “Day 194 – a day around Concarneau, blue skies everywhere…..”
  1. Sjef says:

    To anyone following this blog… If you get inspired and excited seeing our little paradise in Concarneau,the blue skies that it offers and all those BBQ’s with a view on the beach…. just let Lizzi know…. The place is for rent for the holidays..

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