Day 192 – let the sailing ‘stage’ begin…..

This morning I woke up to excited kids, today is day 1 of their sailing stage and as usual they are super excited and can’t wait to get into town on their bikes.  Everything was checked and laid out ready last night, water shoes, wet suits and swim cossies were checked and double checked to make sure they fitted!

We cycled into town together (I still can’t quite bring myself to let them do it themselves!), and I hung around while they were called into their respective groups.  Then home, to some wonderful peace and quiet, a coffee and second breakfast.

After a morning chilling on the terrace, I headed back by bike to pick the kids up.


This afternoon, we all swam and played in the sea.  I did my first swim to the bouys, and also headed out to the diving platform with the kids.  A lovely hot bath later and a burger, and we’re ready to chill in front of the tv for an hour or so.

Unfortunately the weather forecast not so good tomorrow, fingers crossed for the cycle in the morning……..


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