Happy Koninginnesdag!

Today we were out and about celebrating the Queens birthday in NL.  This is her official day, when everyone dresses up in orange, goes to massive flea markets and party’s on down dressed in orange!

We started in Aardenburg (after having been woken up by a marching band in the street at Oma’s and Opa’s!), and then headed for the flea market and festivities in Oostburg…..







which resulted in my usual bargain purchases………



6 LPs I’ve decided I can’t live without (at 5 euro’s) even though at the moment I don’t have a record player -> but heh this is going to be so hip!!



and 4 fishy plates (Villeroy and Boch no less, perfect for the beach house!) for 5 euro’s!

-> and I can assure you this is not as cheesy as I usually go (and on that front I was outdone by my Hubbie, who invested in some brand new kneeling pads, that look like oversize skateboard knee pads for gardening!!)

More on that later………..


meanwhile here’s the facts on the Queens Day celebrations ……..

Koninginnedag or Queen’s Day is a national holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Celebrated on 30 April, Koninginnedag is Queen Beatrix’s official celebration day. Though Queen Beatrix was born on 31 January, the holiday is observed on 30 April as it was the birthday of her mother and predecessor, Juliana. Many of the traditional activities are held outside, and observing the holiday in April makes suitable weather more likely.Those taking part in Koninginnedag commonly dye their hair orange or wear orange clothing in honour of the House of Orange-Nassau, which rules over the Netherlands. Orange-coloured drinks are also popular. This colour choice is sometimes dubbed “orange madness”, or in Dutch “oranjegekte”. A local Orange Committee member said of Koninginnedag in 2011:
Friendships—and community—will be formed. For me that’s really what Queen’s Day is all about. It’s not an outburst of patriotism, it’s not even about the popularity of the royal family. It’s about a sense of belonging. For one day, everybody is the same in Holland. Bright orange and barmy.

thanks to 500px / Photo “ORANGE DAY in HOLLAND” by Magda indigo. (you must take a look at her fab photography too!)




3 Responses to “Happy Koninginnesdag!”
  1. That’s what’s nice about having a royal family, a bit of festivity now and again. Nothing like that here in France of course. I was born almost on the same day as Queen Beatrix, I think I shall start having an official birthday at a more clement time of year! I see you had sunshine, though, we didn’t here. It rained all day and it’s raining already this morning again.

    • We were incredibly lucky this weekend with the weather, forecast was nowhere near as good! back to rainy Brussels tonight. Hoping you get some sunshine soon!!

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