Konninginnesdag namiddag…….we were ready for lunch!

30th April 2012

After the Rommelmarkt at Oostburg on Konninginnesdag, we headed to our favourite village for a spot of lunch.



I just LOVE Groede.  OK I admit that although picture perfect it would kill us to live in such a tight knit (and supposed nosy) community, but heh, it is very very pretty!  And it has a couple of fab restaurants and pubs (yes real pubs like in England!) and some fantastic Rommelmarkt’s (flea markets) but unfortunately not today.








We settled for lunch on the terrace at Eethuys den Engel, a fabulous cafe/restaurant on the village square.




the food was as fabulous as ever, I just loved my fish dish…..



and after such a lovely lunch, I was ready to face all at the dutch house….. here we come!



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One Response to “Konninginnesdag namiddag…….we were ready for lunch!”
  1. I LOVE the bronze statue of the man sitting at the table.The detail is fabulous, right down to his shoes!

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