It’s (almost) Spring…… and time to stop hibernating!


On Thursday, it began to feel like spring. It was possible to go outside without a coat, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. And I was holed up in our basement bedroom with the flu……not fair! Equally unfair was the undying attention of the kids to their computers/tv/ipod’s and whatever other gadgets could grab their attention. On top of this, my cup of tea, ordered politely around 2pm, arrived at 5! (note to self – do not get sick again when kids have a day off from school…. Peace and quiet, daytime tv, and self-administered TLC are much kinder on the soul!)

Sunday saw Day 4 of the flu, and the headaches, pains, and burning throat have eased, leaving me exhausted and struggling with waves of nausea. A trip to the Sunday market this morning nearly finished me off, so I’m tucked up on the sofa under my beloved blanket with a cup of ginger tea. Hubbie is juggling as usual, fixing a back door, painting one of the apartments, and ironing clothes (not ours I hasten to add!). The kids have disappeared, again, and I’m taking bets its the downstairs tv that they are glued to. I don’t have the energy to argue. I don’t have the energy to fight. But I can manage to make another cup of tea. So life is not all bad!
To all those Brit expat mothers out there, Happy Mothers Day! The joy of being multicultural is that I’ve still got the Belgian or Dutch version to fall back on………..

Fast forward to today, Day 6.  After struggling back to work yesterday, to finish a project, our Company Doctor refused to do my medical on the grounds that I was still sick.  Home again (this time with anti-nausea pills, paracetamol and some throat medicine), today’s bout has meant a morning in my wonderfully restored bathroom, viewed close up from the toilet.  The afternoon has seen me also curled up on the sofa, looking a lot like Joseph enjoying his afternoon snooze (photo above!)

And on top of all that, today is the first day of Spring, officially.  So surely these winter bugs must now be well and truly over?  Sunshine and Happiness are just around the corner!! (after all, there is a New Moon on Thursday 😉 and the horoscope is looking good! )……..Fingers crossed!


Phyllis F. Mitz: Astrology Now: Thursday’s New Moon Signals New Beginnings.


Tuesday 20th March 2012



2 Responses to “It’s (almost) Spring…… and time to stop hibernating!”
  1. Poor you, hope you are feeling more human?
    I have British, French and American Mother’s Day to choose from, and somehow they usually manage to forget all three… too much choice! One actually managed British this year. I don’t care really. To me every day is Mother’s Day, every phone call or skype or card or whatever gives me pleasure.

    • I’m getting there. Going to try to work a little from home today and head for the office tomorrow.
      I also think it’s important to remember all the little things that make you smile. When I feel down, I switch on my daughters text messages – miss u, xxx, love u – it work’s for me!

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