The bath is mine…….

I took a couple of extra days tagged onto the french ‘getaway’ holiday, in order to blitz clean the Brussels house.  Oh boy did I totally miscalculate how long I would need to do that!

I thought I had started with a reasonable aim -> bathroom, bedroom and tv room, in 2 days, but I was felled at the first hurdle -> a spa-inspired bathroom that had never seen it’s full potential (I can tell you a Philippe Starck freestanding bath is well and truly wasted on the young, although it is easier to bath a baby from both sides of the tub!)  Over the years, this room had progressed from a semi-wet playroom, to kids clothes drying area, to the dumping ground for my kids constantly wet swim stuff (the joys of being a swim team mum!).  For visual proof, look no further than the attached link below!!

Time to claim it back, and banish the kids stuff to their never used shower room.  A task simple enough until I realised the true horror of cupboards filled with products from the last decade, a radiator that had never been tickled pink by the duster, and a toilet that a close inspection needed a lot of elbow grease and tlc.  But what a difference…….. now the room smells superb, sound softly bounces off the walls, and it’s an adult experience kids-free zone.  Bliss part 2, for this week.

Bedroom (or should I say Boudoir?) next!




4 Responses to “The bath is mine…….”
  1. Love! It’s a dreamy salle de bain !! Theadora Sigh. . .

  2. Henny says:

    This is how I remember it. Straight from a magazine…

    Cheers, Henny

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