Day 322 – StyleShoots in Brussels….

Friday 18th November 2011.

Today, Visual Instinct and Dekopolis launched their StyleShoots studio in the Trade Mart Brussels.  The super easy technology makes taking a photo for catalogues, websites, and instore communication as simple as 1 2 3.  No more messing around in Photoshop to eliminate the background (highly time-consuming) and no more worrying about size and dimensions.  Just look at how easy it is to achieve a great product shot that can be superimposed on a number of backgrounds and used in multi-media.  Generally an image is created and processed in less than 2 minutes, with a few easy tricks you can achieve the visuals as follows……



shirt and tie



mannekin arm

paint pots

can of coke

cif bottle

football boot



trainers on background

football with a background inserted

Coming soon to France in a number of locations, the option of buying your own studio (cost beneficial to larger scale companies), or renting the studio on a hourly or daily basis (for individual projects, smaller companies with infrequent shooting requirements, or medium companies without the space) can benefit all.

the StyleShoots studio

StyleShoots at the Trade Mart, Brussels


The StyleShoots studio at the Trade Mart, Brussels

Take a look at the YouTube video,


For more information, check out the website;

Information is available in english, french and dutch.





StyleShoots is a trademark of iShopShape bv.

Visual Instinct is the exclusive distributor in Belgium and France.

Items photographed are for example only, and not for distribution.

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