Day 296 – Sleepy Sunday, I wish!!

Witches do not like to get up early on a Sunday, especially after a lot of witches brew the night before!  But this morning my beauty sleep (and I needed it as I was definitely a particularly attractive shade of green and white, ie smudged make-up) was disturbed by the sound of sanding from the house next door.  I hid under the covers for a while and then grumpily got up, made myself a cup of tea and moaned at no-one in particular.  Eventually Hubbie came home after tennis, and I badgered him into going next door.

Can you believe it?  There were 15 boy scouts, with 12 electronic sanders, sanding his staircase which is adjacent to our dividing wall!!  What can you do?  Next time I want a job done cheap, I’m calling the Boy Scouts.  But first I’m checking out the state of his stairs………

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