(Diet) Day 40 – the Mouse Invasion

Actually I’m not even sure if I will sleep tonight.  As under the cover of darkness, the ever daring band of mice are venturing into our home.  Joseph, the cat, is on full alert.  It is that time of year when they creep in seeking shelter from the elements, despite it being the main residence of a prime mouse catcher.  It started again on monday morning.  We’ve had a few weeks of scratching noises in the shutter casings of our bedroom window (guarenteed to convince me at 3am that we really really really have a band of rats up there).  But there we were, 5am monday, my Hubbie venturing into the bathroom for his very early morning shower (while I hid under the duvet for an extra 30 mins), when Joseph raced across the bathroom floor, mouse in mouth.  As always not quite dead.  After all they are a lot more fun to chase alive than dead.  But you can imagine my reaction to the potential of a mouse escaping across my bed (yes it has happened before and it involved my head too!), so Hubbie was instructed to ‘kill it right now’ in rather an imposing and shrill voice.  Which he obligingly did.

Tuesday morning was a stroke of luck.  I was so tired after the early swim start on monday, that both myself and the kids slept through the alarm.  One good thing, was that by the time we leapt out of bed, the mouse was well and truly rigamortis in the bathroom from that nights’ escapades with Joseph.  Last time I found him playing with one in the bathroom, my then 8 yr old daughter had to kill it as my son was stood in the bath refusing to move and I was on top of the bed!

So as I shut down my computer tonight, I sincerely hope we are in for a peaceful night.  It’s an early start again, Joseph is on the prowl, and I need to think about counting sheep, not mice……..


One Response to “(Diet) Day 40 – the Mouse Invasion”
  1. spoke too soon -> 15 minutes later and he’s playing catch with one in the bathroom, where are the sleeping tablets?

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