Lunch with Lizzi

One of the joys of occasionally working from home, in addition to fresh coffee, a beautiful view of the garden, and a curious cat who is always after a cuddle (or a drink of water from the tap), is the business lunch on hand when the MD of the house is around in Brussels.

Over the last few weeks, this has meant a trip to La Terrasse, a pop up restaurant and bar near the hippodrome on a beautiful sunny day.  And a couple of Fridays ago, I finally had the chance to do truffles at L’Atelier de la Truffe Noir, which has been on my wish list (along with La Truffe Noir, which requires an extra mortgage or a sugar daddy to be able to enjoy it’s supposed superb dining) for ever. Thank God for restaurant week (via Dining City), a great invention that offers super lunch and dinner meals at great restaurants at a discounted price. And for once I managed to book up 3 weeks ahead with no change of plan from Hubbie or myself in the meantime.

On the food front L’Atelier wins hands down, the duck starter and fish main course were superbly accompanied by truffle shavings that were just out of this world. The dessert, a mulled fruit salad soaked in red wine and cinnamon, was amazing.

On the atmosphere and general happening vibe however, La Terrasse is impossible to beat.  It’s glamorous image is made more sparkling by the rough luxe surroundings.  Particularly on one of those rare beautiful sunshine days we sometimes experience here in Brussels!

So when the sun finally returns to Brussels, grab your man and do Lunch!!

L’atelier de la truffe.

La Terrasse de l’Hippodrome.

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