Day 239 – Local Shopping for Young (by older!) Rock Stars….

Today I’m going to focus on a great shop we found on Rue du Page in Ixelles (Brussels) on a 3 hour dash round our local area to find a birthday present for Natan, the 10 year old friend of our son, whose ‘Rock Star’ birthday party he is attending tonight.  Les Petits Riens had let us down in terms of vintage rock t-shirts, so we were scouting round the area for a suitable Boys/Mens store to satisfy the budding Rock Star needs.  And we stumbled across (running back to the car in another rainstorm!)……the closet.

The Worn By brand caught my eye in the door of the shop…… stuff starring Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Blondie and The Sex Pistols to name a few.  Perfect, and after a trawl through the smaller sizes, helped by the owner, Thomas Riley, we settled for a great T sporting a Jimi Hendrix promo.

I loved the decor inside so much, that I asked if I could take photos, which Thomas was more than happy to oblige.  He filled us in with a little history of the place, and how he had taken it on 6 months ago, including his ideas to make it more interactive with music connections in store.  It’s a great place, and for all Brusselites, I recommend a trip here, and to the neighbourhood, as Chatelein is really becoming more trend conscious by the day, for both food and clothes.

great use of colour impact lighting (love the upside down lampshades) and rubik cube inspired display cases


cash desk is interactive, young has graphic-inspiring cards and packaging.


front and back impact.


clear clean windows, but much more fun inside.


With a couple of hours still to kill, til kids drop off time, the older Rock Rebels headed for another tour of Les Petits Riens.   A couple of games (inc a second set of Rummikub at a bargain 7.50 euros) , an old typewriter and an old light fitting later, we headed for a  trendy new pizza joint, featuring Michelin starred chefs (inc. Sang Hoon Degeimbre who had featured at the Cube on my birthday treat!). The concept is based on squares (of pizza) by stars (the chefs).  Very cool, very tasty, we’ll be back at some point with the younger generation, we promise!




love the swings, and the wallpaper…..




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