Our Life 2010 (the first 6 months) ………

Welcome to our photo blog of our highs (and a few lows) in 2010!. January 2010 started slowly and painfully on our return from a great Christmas and New year break in Brittany with the Howard’s , the Kay’s and the Hawkin’s. It had been quite a party…… January and February were much slower in … Continue reading

Viva Espana

Well what can I say….. according to the dutch – the germans stole their bikes,       and according to the english, the game of football is 90 minutes long and then the germans win.  So from a multi-cultural family – Ye Ha!! and Hup Holland for sunday,………… (and by the way I prefer … Continue reading

I’m sure my orange crocs made all the difference today…..

Sometimes in life you have to follow your heart and your man.  When it comes to football, it is vital. So even though he was 100’s of kilometres away, I picked up the kids, rushed home, tuned in the dutch channel, got out the orange hats, flags and crocs, and sat glued to the tv … Continue reading